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At The Sign Of The Crippled Harlequin

At The Sign Of the Crippled Harlequin by

A case of mistaken identity leads to tragedy in this engaging thriller. In a snowbound guest house in the Peak District, Marjory Pike is wrongly identified by another guest as the author of a book declaiming certain mediums, one of whom had committed suicide as a result. The son of the deceased medium is staying at the guest house, so when he arrives in the lounge bloodied and bruised, and Marjory is found dead, the finger of suspicion naturally points at him. But the guest house may be haunted, other guests have their own secrets, and even the proprietors are not above suspicion … In true Norman Robbins fashion the deepening mystery is rich with shocks and laughs as the play moves to its unexpected close.

First Things First

First Things First – Derek Benfield
June 2018

Pete and George are old friends. In fact, such good old friends that George has been Pete’s best man at both of his weddings. Pete, now happily married to Sarah, is appalled when George arrives with the news that his first wife Jessica was not killed in a climbing accident as they had thought but is alive and well and keen to resume her life with Pete! This unexpected revelation leads to a series of hilarious situations as Peter and George try to find a way out of this desperate plight without upsetting either of Pete’s wives or his second wife’s powerful mother. Another riotous comedy from the author of Beyond a JokeLook Who’s Talking, and Bedside Manners.

Nobody’s Perfect

Murder In A Play

Murder In A Play – Simon Brett November 2016

Boris Smolensky’s budget repertory production of Murder at Priorswell Manor is looking decidedly shaky, being mostly held together by long-suffering stage manager Pat.  The cast, and the director, are more interested in their egos than in the play, and life imitates art when Boris’s wife, Renee, is murdered on stage.  So whodunnit?  Could it be dimwit Ginette, Boris’s current mistress?  Or Ginette’s ex-boyfriend Tim?  Or professional jealousy from Christa or Sophie?  And is Boris completely guiltless?  This play within a play provides bewildering clues, hilarious gaffes from the inept actors and red herrings galore to keep the audience guessing right till the end.  Simon Brett is well known for his radio plays, his Charles Paris series of theatrical thriller novels, and his crime series of Fethering mystery novels, so to have a stage play by him is a treat.

Genre: Murder Mystery/comedy 

Author: Simon Brett

Produced by: Samuel French

Performed by: Buxted Players 23rd-26th November 2016

Not Now Darling

Not Now Darling John Chapman and Ray Cooney – June 2016

The tremendously successful West End hit set in the elegant fur salon of Bodley, Bodley & Crouch. Gilbert Bodley, a flamboyant extrovert, is scheming to seduce a beautiful stripper, Janie, with the aid of a £5,000 mink. Unfortunately, she is married and her husband, Harry, would notice such an acquisition. So Gilbert reduces the mink to £500 and Janie tries to get Harry to buy the coat for her, Gilbert paying the difference. Harry realizes a bargain when he sees one and buys it instead for his own curvaceous little secretary, Sue.

   Gilbert is quite demented by this turn of events and both he and his dithering assistant, Arnold Crouch, are further embarrassed when Janie strips and refuses to leave the salon without the mink. Their frenzied attempts to retrieve the coat from Sue and hide the naked Janie are further complicated by the unexpected arrival of Gilbert’s wife, Maud. Meanwhile, Arnold’s method of hiding any discarded ladies’ underwear is to throw them out of the window and it is left to Miss Tipdale, the firm’s spinster secretary, to retrieve the garments and the situation whenever necessary. The hilarious permutations reach a point of hysteria before everyone gets their just desserts.

Genre: Farce

Author: Cooney, Ray & Chapman, John

Produced by: Josef Weinberger

N.B No real fur coats were used in this production.

Confusions (selected)

Sherlock Holmes

Ten Times Table

Blackadder Goes Forth

Kindly Leave The Stage

The Unexpected Guest

Dick Whittington

Fawlty Towers

Ian Fuller plays Basil Fawlty to yet another full audience on 18 June 2011 at The Reading Room,

Basil Fawlty is an inept and slightly out-of-his-head English hotel manager, who is tortured by `that annoying section of the general public who insist on staying at hotels’. Fawlty is constantly berated by his wife, and his efforts are continually hampered by their Spanish waiter, Manuel.

House Guest

It Runs In The Family

Babes In The Wood

Babes in the wood 1992/3

You’re Only Young Twice

See How They Run